Why Choose Us?

  • 01

    Huge Collection

    A huge collection of 8,008 unique Skull Vases showcasing an assortment of more than 700 iconic original and adapted Latin Dictums.

    With more than 900 unique traits, it is definitely on a whole new level of collection diversity.

  • 02

    A Rare Find

    The first literature-themed PFP projects on the NFT Ecosystem. Showcasing the cohesive fusion of art and literature, it is a thought-provoking concept that will appeal to collectors who appreciate the finer things in life.

  • 03

    Making an Impact

    Significant portion of sales from the collection will be pledged by the team to charities that supports literacy programs to underserved communities. Our simple way of giving back to the community and to the world.

  • 04

    Sustainable Growth

    Reinvesting significant portion of the sales fund back to the project for continuous improvement, expansion, adaptation to market demands, and establishing a strong brand identity which is crucial for long-term success.